Coffee Dark Mild – Homebrew Review

This is a follow up post from my brewday with Joel Mahaffey; after fermentation was complete Joel moved the beer into a keg. Joel cold steeped ¼ pound of 44 North Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe coffee to get 12oz that was added directly to the keg. This was conditioned for 6 days. The keg was lightly force carbonated. I stopped by this evening to review the beer with Joel.

Name: Coffee Dark Mild

ABV: 3.8%

This beer poured a dark brown with reddish highlights when held up to the light, minimal head and very little visible carbonation.

This beer has a nice light coffee aroma and the malts come through with a caramel sweetness. At first sniff I associated the coffee with a hoppy aroma but I realized after smelling what was left of the coffee beans that I was misinterpreting the light earthy coffee aroma. As the beer warmed the coffee became more prominent.

This beer is very smooth, there is a nice caramel sweetness and the coffee flavors are balanced just right, it’s a prominent flavor that isn’t overwhelming. There is a just a touch of roast from the dark malts and some notes of bitter chocolate. This beer has a light body and finishes clean with a pleasant coffee aftertaste.

Overall a really smooth beer, very easy drinking, which is great because at 3.8% you want to have a couple without feeling like you’ve had too much. Joel was attempting to brew a nice session beer with a good dose of coffee that wouldn’t be overwhelming and I have to say he nailed it. If you are lucky enough to have been invited to Joel’s annual holiday part this weekend you’re in luck because this beer will be on tap and if not I guess you’ll have to look back at the original post for the recipe and brew your own.

Stay tuned for another homebrewing adventure in the near future, I have a brewday planned with a good friend of mine this Sunday who has never brewed beer before, it should be a fun and educational experience.



Chad Lothian

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