Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada IPA Glass

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk online lately about the new IPA beer glass that Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada collaborated on to design with Spiegelau. The new glass is supposed to showcase the aromas of an IPA as well as improve the flavor and mouthfeel.  I’m a huge fan of IPA’s and this glass is trying to make my favorite style even better, I had to order one and see if the glass really does improve the drinking experience.

To make this a true test, I asked my wife to assist me. I poured 2 Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA’s, one into the new IPA glass and the other into a standard pint glass. I then blindfolded myself. Because I could not touch the glassware without knowing which glass I was drinking from I had my wife first hold each glass to my nose so I could smell and compare, she then held each glass so I could take a sip. I then made my determination as to which glass was the IPA glass and which was the standard pint. Based on smell and taste I was able to determine which glass was the IPA glass.

Obviously being the same beer in two different glasses the smell was very similar, but the beer in the standard pint glass seemed muted, the hops in particular were more intense in the IPA glass. The taste test revealed similar results, the standard pint glass was hoppy with a nice caramel body, everything I expect from a Dogfish 60 Minute, but the IPA glass was again more intense, the hops were stepped up a notch and the malt flavors more pronounced. Removing the blindfold I find the carbonation is livelier in the IPA glass; the Dogfish logo etched in the bottom was sending plenty of tiny bubbles to the surface.

I’m convinced. Not that I didn’t believe the folks at Dogfish and Sierra, they do produce some excellent IPA’s and definitely know the style, I just had to see for myself. I look forward to trying other IPA’s in my new glass, especially heavily dry hopped IPA’s.

Now for the fun stuff, I have an extra Dogfish Head IPA glass and I’m going to give it away to one of you! To win the glass simply comment below this post and tell me what your favorite style of glassware is (one entry per person please). You have between now and Thursday, February 21st at 6pm, when I will randomly select a winner. Check back here or on the Facebook page where I will announce the winner by 8pm on the 21st.



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