Coaster Critique: Blood Shot

Name: Beer Camp #95 Blood Shot

Brewed By: Sierra Nevada

Style: Imperial Red Ale

ABV: 9.5%
I’m sitting at Nocturnem Draft Haus writing this review, it’s a special release party for Charlie Smith from Veazie who won a trip to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp.

Deep crimson red with dark shadows and a khaki colored head.

The nose is very hop forward, juicy citrus and some pine, I’m not picking up the malt through the hops.
Blood Shot is really well balanced, there is a nice malt body, some caramel sweetness with a touch of dark toasty grains and maybe even a hint of chocolate. The hops are very flavorful, pine and grapefruit with a really pleasant bitterness that lingers on your tongue between sips. There is a slight spiciness in the aftertaste as well that I would normally associate with some rye malt but it may be the hops. The alcohol is strong in the flavor but there is a nice warming sensation in the throat and chest.

Overall I’m really impressed, I’ve had other imperial reds that were nowhere near as balanced as this, the hops are big enough to please a hophead but not so bitter as to scare the average drinker away. This beer is on tap at Nocturnem for a short time, if you want to try it get here, ASAP. Sierra Nevada won’t be releasing it in bottles until later this year. Congrats Charlie, the beer you helped brew is excellent!



Chad Lothian

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