Coaster Critique: Marshall Wharf Wet Dog

I wish I could say a beacon lit up the sky over Orono with the Marshall Wharf logo and I sprang to action. In reality I got an Email from Abe at Woodman’s along with the rest of the Woodman’s Beer Society letting us know a tasting was coming up and that he’d be tapping a keg of Wet Dog this week, probably one of the last kegs in the state aside from whatever the boys at Marshall have stashed away, then I sprang into action….
Name: Wet Dog
Brewed By: Marshall Wharf
Style: Wet Hopped IPA
ABV: 9%
Purchased: Woodman’s Bar and Grill

Poured a deep gold color with strong crimson highlights and a thin wispy head.

Nose is very hop forward, bursting with pine and citrus, a hint of alcohol and a touch of caramel sweetness.

Wet dog is packed with hop flavor; pine and citrus are prominent with a slight stone fruit flavor in the background. The alcohol is noticeable but works well with the huge hop flavor and the Sweet caramel malt body.

Overall a beer worth chasing, I’ve missed a few opportunities to have a wet dog this season but managed to find it before it was gone. Hopheads will love this beer; it may be a bit intense for everyone else. If you missed it this year keep an eye out next

season, I know I will.


If you still want a shot at Wet Dog this season I have heard that it’ll be available at the 6th year of Beer & Pemaquid Mussels fest at Three Tides in Belfast on October 19th, 2013. Your $30 entry fee gets you Beer and a tasting glass, live music and from what I’ve heard (because I haven’t been yet) one hell of a good time.

Chad Lothian

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