Please dont dye my beer


“Please don’t dye my beer”

If you hear me order a drink on Monday, you’ll hear me include that request.

Food Coloring

I mean no offense to those who love their green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, by all means drink what you like. I just can’t do it, call me a purist, I like my beer the way the brewer intended it and I don’t see green anywhere on the SRM color chart.

If a beer were to be brewed specifically for St. Patrick’s day and it was green I’d have no problem with it, it’s simply the addition of a colorant that bothers me and I’m thorough in my aversion to adding things to my beer, I’m just as put off by a beer showing up with fruit in it and you won’t catch me shaking salt into my glass.

A glowing green beer doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t care that a few drops of food coloring will give my Guinness a green head, it’s not necessary, it doesn’t improve the flavor and the addition doesn’t make me feel any more festive. I’ve never heard of adding red or green to beer at Christmas, or Pastel colors around Easter, I would happily drink a white, red or blueberry ale on the fourth of July but I wouldn’t add food coloring to turn a beer those colors.

So bartenders please, don’t dye my beer.



Chad Lothian

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Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.