Coaster Critique: Allagash Saison

Name: SaisonIMG_5310

Brewed By: Allagash Brewing Company

Style: Belgian Style Saison

ABV: 6.1%



Pours a straw yellow with golden highlights, light sediment and slightly cloudy in appearance, pour produced a short, bone white head.

Smell is peppery, saison yeast spice, slightly herbal with a splash of lemony citrus.

Light crackery malt body with a distinct saison yeast spiciness, a touch of herbal grassy hops and a clean dry finish.

I find saisons to be hit or miss, honestly most of them are a miss for me but I like Allagash Saison. Flavorful, distinct, a bit rustic and completely refreshing without wearing out my palate. I recommend checking this one out, I think fans of Allagash White will enjoy this one as well, if you are already a fan of the style this one is worth picking up.




Chad Lothian

About Chad Lothian

Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.