Crossroads Beverage Co. brings “Beer Cave” to Newport

Crossroads Beverage Company opened last week in Newport, Maine, owned by Eric Mihan, Crossroads is the sister store to Bangor Wine and Cheese. The store is located at 66 Main Street in a new shopping center near the intersection of Route 2 and the Moosehead Trail, also not far from the on/off ramp for I95 north and south.IMG_6580

I contacted Eric via email to find out why he chose this particular location “This is one of the most traveled intersections in, not only Maine, but the Northeast. Several of the businesses on this route are routinely listed as the busiest in their particular sector” says Mihan “more than that, this is a hugely underserved area. This isn’t the rural wilderness, this is a crossroads for many, many professionals who live nearby, weekend wilderness/ski lovers, and those outta’ staters that haven’t joined us in the fun of livin’ here yet coming on up here to escape the 3 hour commutes!”

The "Beer Wall" where larger format bottles can be found

The “Beer Wall” where larger format bottles can be found

The location is convenient, it’s close to the interstate and intersection so you don’t have to travel far off the path to stop there and it’s also close to gas stations and food if you have to make multiple stops there will be minimal driving required. There is plenty of parking at the store as well, currently it’s the only business there but even after more open up it shouldn’t be a problem.

Wines and Ciders

Wines and Ciders

The store itself is deeper than it is wide, to the left of the entrance is the register and a wall with craft beer in larger format bottles, to the left Fiore Artisan olive oils and vinegars line the wall and a wine display is in the center. Moving to the back of the store the right side is a long wall of wines, looks like a pretty good selection but i’m no wine expert. On the left is the Beer Wall doors to the six packs and singles of beer and cider that are kept in the cooler and half way down is the entrance to the Beer Cave where you can walk in and pick up cases of beer.

Wide variety of beer and cider kept cold

Wide variety of beer and cider kept cold

“This store was inspired by the look of wonder on my face the first time I wandered into a “walk-in” beer cave fifteen years ago in Jersey. This store is sustained by the look of wonder on the faces of our new customers who haven’t yet had the pleasure.” Eric Mihan, Mihan Family Beverage Group

Entrance to the Beer Cave

Entrance to the Beer Cave

The store looks nice, well lit, good selection, worth checking out if you’re passing through Newport.



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