Coaster Critique: Jameson Irish Whiskey

I decided I wanted to do a review for St. Patricks Day since I haven’t done one recently. A couple years ago I reviewed Murphys Irish Stout, I was hoping to review Orono Brewing Company Dry Irish Stout but it’s not currently available so I changed gears and did my first Whiskey review.

Name: JamesonPour
Distilled By: John Jameson & Son / Irish Distillers Limited
Style: Irish Whiskey
ABV: 40% (80 Proof)

Jameson Irish Whiskey has a straw gold color that shimmers in the light. Giving the whiskey a swirl in the glass, thin, slow moving legs begin to form.

In the nose I’m finding sweet notes, chocolate and honey. There is an earthy character like decaying leaves and over-ripe apples. Mixed in to the background there is also a muted citrus aroma, reminds me of orange pith.

Initial flavor is grainy followed by vanilla, a chocolate sweetness with hints of citrus. Body is thin, a watery mouthfeel. The finish has a touch of spiciness and a honey sweet aftertaste, this is also where the alcohol is most noticeable.


I have only tried a few Irish Whiskies but so far Jameson has been my favorite. It’s a flavorful whiskey that drinks easy at a reasonable price point, I picked this bottle up for just over $20. I prefer to drink Jameson straight but have found that it doesn’t take a lot of water to cut through the alcohol bite at the finish. I haven’t mixed this whiskey but I would think it would be suitable for an Irish Coffee and the flavor makes me want to drop a shot into a mug of hot chocolate.


A look inside the Glencairn glass.

A look inside The Glencairn Glass.

Chad Lothian

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