Baxter Brewing Company swings for the fences with upcoming beer dinner

In a press release yesterday, Baxter Brewing Company announced a beer dinner for Monday, August 24, 2015. This isn’t your average beer dinner though, Baxter Brewing has been a long time partner with the Portland Sea Dogs, AA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, who are playing host to the beer dinner.


“One of the most fun things to come out of the exploding craft beer culture,” says Baxter founder and CEO, Luke Livingston, “is the proliferation of beer and food pairings, mostly patterned after wine tastings that have been popular for generations. Beer is a perfect accompaniment to any kind of cuisine, and Portland is among the great foodie capitals of the world, too. But many of these tasting events have gotten to be a little too self-important. Time to stop worrying about what beer goes best with arugula and focus on what goes with hot dogs!”

The Grand Slam Beer dinner menu looks like this:

  • First course: Pamola Xtra Pale Ale, paired with peanuts and pretzels.
  • Second course: Baxter’s flagship Stowaway IPA, paired with nacho chips and cheese
  • Third course: Tarnation California Style Lager, paired with a hot dog
  • Fourth course: Summer Swelter, the perfect companion to lobster sliders
  • Fifth course: first of the season, Hayride Autumn Ale with pulled chicken sliders
  • Sixth course: Phantom Punch stout, accompanying a Sea Dogs Biscuit

The beer dinner will happen in the right field picnic area of Hadlock Field starting at 6pm on Monday, August 24, 2015. Tickets are $30 each and include admission to the game. There are a limited number of kids tickets available for $20 each and include everything except for beer.

To purchase tickets go to the Sea Dogs ticketing sight for August 24, 2015 and choose the Picnic Box Seat section where you will find options for Baxter Brewing dinner.

This is a cool opportunity to attend a laid back craft beer dinner in a ball park, what better way to enjoy America’s Pastime than enjoying a cold beverage paired with ballpark fare?



Chad Lothian

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