Events Wrap Up October 5, 2012

On Thursday October 4th there was a couple of fun events happening in downtown Bangor. The Sea Dog was hosting a Social Media Breakfast Happy Hour in their new Barrel Room.

Taps at Bangor Seadog Taproom

Social Media Breakfast is normally a morning event but this month they decided to change things up and host a happy hour session. Speaking at the event were Kelly Breingan from the Sea Dog, she spoke about their history and how they are currently using social media to keep their fans informed. I was also a guest speaker at the event, I discussed the popular beer drinking app Untappd, and how it can be a useful tool for tracking beers you’ve tried and how you can share what you’re having with friends.

After Social Media Breakfast Happy Hour I headed over to Nocturnem Draft Haus. It was a big night over there; The Maine Homebrewers Competition winners were being announced. From the sounds of things this year’s competition brought some excellent entries and judging was no easy task. Here are the results of this year’s competition:

Winner: Mark Libby, Dexter, ME
+ honorable mention for taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th place as well

Winner: Dave Rocker, Hampden, ME – Sangiovese

Winner: Sylvia Ferrell, Bucksport, ME – Cyser

Mead/Cider Winner Sylvia Ferrell with Zeth Lundy from Central Street Farmhouse and Gene Beck from Nocturnem Draft Haus












First Place Winner: Zafra Whitcomb, Montville, ME – Sorachi Pils

Second Place (tie): Chris McLaughlin, Bangor, ME – Chai Saison

Will Turner, Ellsworth, ME – Doppelbock

Third Place: Ben Deering, Bangor, ME – Rauchbier

Fourth Place: Paul Hallee – Barleywine


First place winner Zafra Whitcomb’s Sorachi Pils will be brewed by Penobscot Bay Brewery. The winning beer will be sold on tap at Nocturnem and in bottles at Bangor Wine and Cheese.

Second Place winner Chris McLaughlin will get to brew a batch over at Geaghan Bros Brewing

From Right to Left: Adrew Geaghan from Geaghan Brothers Brewing, Second Place Beer Winner Chris McLaughlin, Zeth Lundy, Gene Beck

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to all the homebrewers who I’m sure are already planning next year’s entry, I know I am.




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Central Street Farmhouse


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Maine Homebrewers Competition


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