The Shed Brewery: Mountain Ale

Name: Mountain Ale

Brewed By: The Shed Brewery

Bottle/Draft: 12oz Bottle

ABV: 7.4%

Purchased: Burby and Bates

The Shed Restaurant and Brewery was established in Stowe, Vermont, after closing its doors the business was purchased by Otter Creek Brewing. The Shed has since been relocated to Middlebury, Vermont.

I’m happy that I can say I’ve been to the original Shed Restaurant and Brewery while it was still located in Stowe and I brought home a Growler of Mountain Ale. Let’s see how this new bottle compares to how I remember it.

The Mountain Ale poured a deep chestnut color with a thin white head, I’m not sure I poured this one vigorously enough.

Not a strong smelling beer, smells sweet, I would have expected more roasty notes but not finding any. Maybe just a hint of dark fruits, some earthy hops aromas.

This is a pretty sweet tasting beer, dark fruits, maybe raisins, almost a hint of brown sugar. Very malty, a slight biscuit or bready flavor. The hops add a touch of bitterness at the back end of the taste but don’t lend much to the flavor. It’s a surprisingly smooth drinking beer considering the ABV. Medium body, medium carbonation. Just a slight lingering bitterness but not overwhelming at all.

Overall I’m pretty impressed, I don’t believe this new Shed Mountain Ale is exactly like the beer I once had in Stowe, but pretty close. I would suggest this to anyone who likes a strong brown ale; it’s very drinkable and would fit into a Sunday afternoon of football watching nicely.




The Shed Brewery

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Chad Lothian

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