Sebago Brewday Photos

Three weeks ago I was in Gorham, Maine hanging out at the Sebago Brewing Company with a couple fellow Maine beer bloggers, Carla Companion aka The Beer Babe and Benjamin Moore of the Active Beer Geek blog. We were invited to the brewery to help brew a special pilot batch. If you are attending this Saturday’s brewfest, Craft Beer comes to the Maine State Pier VIP session you’ll have the opportunity to try this beer or if you are attending the Beer Bloggers Conference Pre-excursion to Portland it’ll be served at the Sebago beer dinner.

I unfortunately cannot attend this weekend’s festival, so if you are going to the VIP session, please head over to Sebago and try the “Beer Blogger Small Batch Citra Saaz Down IPA” and then comment on this post, on my Facebook page or on Twitter and feel free to gloat about how you got to try the beer I helped brew before I do, I’ll have my chance in two weeks at the beer bloggers pre-excursion.




wall of bottles

Bags of Grain

Sebago Taps in the meeting room

Filled Kegs

Chiller and Pump

Mash Paddle

First Runnings

Burner on

The Hops additions lined up ready to go in the boil


Bringing the Wort to a Boil

The Beer Babe adding some Hops to the boil

They were bottling Frye’s Leap IPA that day

Hop Swap was releasing that evening in Portland, we got to try some first

Spent Grain from the Mash – part of cleanup duty

Transferred into the Fermenter and yeast pitched

Taking a Gravity reading

Ben having a sample off the tank

Samples off the Bright Tank

Samples of Sebago Patersbier


Chad Lothian

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