Coaster Critique: Allagash Fluxus 2014

I’ve had this bottle of Fluxus in the fridge for far too long, it was time to pop the cork and I thought I’d give it a review while I was at it. Fluxus is a beer that Allagash brews once a year and as the name suggests the beer changes every year, this year’s recipe was a collaboration between Karl Arnber from the Allagash Lab and Allagash Controller and Master Beer Keeper, Erin Forbes. Part of the Allagash Tribute series, proceeds from the sale of Fluxus benefit a pediatric nurse’s scholarship at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland.


Name: Fluxus 2014IMG_6430

Brewed By: Allagash Brewing Company

Style: Bier De Miel brewed with spruce tips and honey

ABV: 8.8%

Fluxus pours a shadowy, pale golden-copper color and has a warm glow when held to the light and raised a short, pure white head. The beer has a slight haze to it and appears nearly still, minimal carbonation visible.

The nose is dominated by Belgian yeast followed by a subtle baked bread malt body and a hint of sweetness. No hops to speak of but I can pick up a slight note of spruce and a bit of alcohol.

Flavor follows the nose closely; initial sip greets me with a Belgian yeast spice, honey and toasted grains and a hint of alcohol at the tail end. I would normally think this beer is too sweet for my taste but the finish is so dry that it brings everything back into balance. I don’t pick up any hops in the flavor but more of a sensation on the tongue in the finish. Exhaling after the sip is complete I can detect a fresh, herbal note that must be the spruce.

Fluxus is flavorful, delicate, and slightly sweet yet not out of balance. I have been drinking a lot of hop forward beer lately; Fluxus was a pleasant departure from that trend, malt and honey with a spicy Belgian yeast kick. This is a beer that I would recommend to fans of wine as quickly as I’d recommend it to a fan of beer.



Chad Lothian

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