American Beauty Beer will “set you right”

I enjoy looking at old advertising for beer, the images, the wording, the direction they take in marketing all peak my interest. I started looking through old newspaper archives and found a couple holiday advertisements for beer that I thought were worth sharing.

The Herald Republican Salt Lake City Utah 11-23-1910

The first advertisement I found was printed in The Herald Republican out of Salt Lake City, Utah on November 23, 1910. The beer is American Beauty Beer brewed by the Salt Lake City Brewing Company and is touted as “an unadulterated health tonic” that is endorsed and used by no less than “the best people everywhere”. I’m sold already, if the best people everywhere are drinking it, I want it. I like the health angle they take with this advertisement, calling out the fact that the beer is “very easy to digest, containing nothing to overload the digestive organs” and that “A glass of American Beauty beer at mealtime will increase your appetite, a glass any time will satisfy you and set you right.” It sounds like the perfect beer, healthy, satisfying and it will set you right, “A trial will convince you”.

The other big thing that stands out to me, and it’s not uncommon to see on advertising from this time period is the promise of delivery. “Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving day. Have a case sent home now.”  One call to phone number 17 in Salt Lake City and you could have a case of beer delivered from the brewery right to your front door, how convenient.

Unfortunately American Beauty Beer isn’t available anymore and your neighborhood brewery won’t deliver but you still have time to pick up a case of beer to aid with the digestion of your Thanksgiving meal and maybe even set you right.

Check back tomorrow for another Thanksgiving themed Beer Advertisement.



Chad Lothian

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