Allagash Brewing hosts first event celebrating 20 years of beer

My wife and I have been looking forward to a weekend in Portland ever since I got the E-vite from Allagash Brewing Company asking if I’d attend their customer appreciation event.

I had planned on writing about all the breweries we visited along the way, and we did visit a few but that part of the day was shadowed by car trouble and an unexpected ride in a tow truck after we lost our brakes. So lets just say I got my cans of Foundation Epiphany and Bissell Brothers Swish and blow right through the rest with a shout out to Carla, Lindsey and Josh for driving us around.

Epiphany and Swich cans with Foundation Samples

Epiphany and Swich cans with Foundation Samples

The reason for our trip down, the Allagash customer appreciation event was the highlight of the day and silver lining to the whole weekend. Upon arrival we were greeted at the door, checked off the guest list and handed two chalices, directed to drop our coats at the coat check and to have fun.


All smiles when you are handed a giant piece of glassware at a brewery and told to have fun

The event was put on by the tasting room staff, who spent months compiling a list of people to invite. The die hard regulars, the people who show up for every bottle release and come back week after week to have their crate of house beer refilled, the people who step into the tasting room and it doesn’t matter who’s working the staff know them by name. I am still not sure how I made the invite list, must have made an impression somewhere along the line. Allagash turns 20 years old this year, a milestone achievement that gave them an opportunity to thank their most loyal customers.


The event was catered by a Moveable Feast, cupcakes provided by East End Cupcakes and music by Blasted Knoll String Band and of course plenty of Allagash beer. The tasting room and most of the brewery was opened up so everyone had plenty of room to mingle even with a couple hundred people attending, there were beer stations and tables of food located around the brewery so you never had to go far for food or drink. The event was very laid back, beyond a quick toast from Rob Tod there was no show or message beyond thanks and enjoy.

My wife would describe this cupcake as having "The best frosting ever"

My wife would describe this cupcake as having “The best frosting ever”

Congratulation to Allagash Brewing Company on 20 years of beer and thanks for a fun evening. It’s still early in the year so keep an eye out for announcements of more 20th Anniversary Celebration events from Allagash Brewing Company.



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